Progressive Model School, Mymensingh

59, Ghanga Das Guha Road, Mymensingh.
Eiin No. : 130827

Call us: 01780020451


At A Glance 

1. To make the school all-new and science-based, with all facilities and residential facilities, 88 percent of the land has been purchased under the name of the school and its own funding. Whose activities will be started gradually.
2. The school is completely cc Under the camera and WiFi.
3. In order to bring the school under the digital system, many digital systems have been introduced and necessary measures will be taken to introduce more methods. 4. Digital Smart Card has been provided to teachers / teacher churches, students, officers and employees.
5. Everyday attendance is accepted through smart card. If a student is absent, then the child of the massage guardian is immediately reached.
6. The school has its own web site, through which all types of school information and information are published on the web site.
7. Besides, urgent measures are being taken to get online admission, monthly fee revenues, entrance checks, results etc. on the web site.
8. The school has its own generator with full power system.
9. The main teacher intercommunication system has been started with the office room of the school, fellow head teacher's room, male and female teacher's auditorium. 10. The school has the latest ICT laboratory. Which includes the uninterrupted internet.
11. Besides, Bangabandhu Karna has many books related to Bangabandhu's literature and liberation warfare in modern science laboratories, library and library.
12. Due to lack of field, regular assembly activities are run in the organization's own building through sound system. 13. There are adequate projectors, laptops for multimedia classes. By which many multimedia classes are organized every class.
14. Along with the general classes, the projector has multi-media class management.
15. The students of the school have a well drained water supply system.

Chairman Message 

Mr. xyz 

প্রধান শিক্ষকের বাণী 

MD.Abdulla Hel Shafi 

Why Study Here? 

Various types of development work in the school 


নির্বাচনী পরীক্ষা - ২০১৯ এর সময়সূচি

নির্বাচনী পরীক্ষা - ২০১৯ এর নোটিশ

দুর্গাপূজা ও নিবার্চনী পরীক্ষা-২০১৯ এর ছুটির নোটিশ